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Earth Day 2015

It's a little more than a month away, but have you started thinking about Earth Day 2015? There's an Earth Day movement/theme this year that I came across on Facebook that really resonates with me.  It's a "One Billion Trees/Seeds Planted."  I've found my theme for this year!  I haven't decided what to plant just yet - it is suggested that you plant a perennial, shrub or tree.  Planting something that produces fruit or nuts is also good, or something for bees or butterflies.  The idea is to give back to the earth.   If it's not warm enough here in my part of the woods for planting by April 22nd, I'll start a seedling (or other seeds) indoors. This garden in Lyme, CT is one that I find inspiring, with fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, and herbs.  It's not a large space, but a very productive one. On the topic of starting seeds, I've got my order ready to be placed from High Mowing Organic Seeds .  They're my favorite source for o

Here's to the END of this Long, Snowy Winter!

I enjoy Winters here in Connecticut.  There's a lot to do,  and the cold & the snow don't usually bother me.  However, this year, across New England, we've been hit especially hard.  My kids are up to 7 snow days already! The snow is actually OVER my For Sale panel! It has been challenging as far as real estate goes too..snow storms on Open House days, getting stuck in icy driveways,  climbing snow banks to put up Open House signs, having plow guys accidentally plow down my For Sale signs, showing other houses that have not been plowed and having to wade through snow up to my thighs to get to the front door, my name signs getting buried & lost in the snow, rescheduling appointments because the roads are too dangerous…you name it.  On top of that there have been so many homes with water damage from ice dams, leaking roofs, and frozen & burst pipes.  Also, it's hard to see conditions of roofs, decks and yards under 3-4ft of snow! Suddenly I feel like my