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Solar Project Moves Along...

Day 6 is pretty exciting chez nous!!!  We have Kevin and Will, plus 2 other great guys from Sunlight Solar here and the panels are going up.  Today they expect to put up 28 of the 40 panels we'll have. While they unloaded the panels from the trucks they told me that Evergreen Solar , the manufacturer of the panels we're using, is a company out of Massachusetts and their panels are U.S. Made.  Also, they told me, the company has a low carbon footprint. Here's the label of one of the first panels they unloaded. The guys from Sunlight Solar have been very professional, respectful, and lovely to work with.  This morning they played classical music while prepping the panels as Charlotte had a picnic on the grass observing them.  They got the first 6 panels up before breaking for lunch! The rainy weather slowed things down a bit, but it's coming along.  This is the view from my fabulous neighbor's yard.  You can see the panels won't cover the entire roof

O Canada I'm With You on This One

Cheers go out to the Canadian Government for making it the first country to officially declare BPA (bisephenol-A) toxic to human health and the environment.  I've been on a mission to limit my family's exposure to it since I first learned of the possible dangers (specifically the disruption to endocrine system, diabetes, heightened risk of breast & prostate cancer, heart disease & reproduction abnormalities) of BPA.  That meant getting rid of the many sippy cups we had, a few baby bottles, and reusable containers that might not be BPA-free.  Now if I have to buy something made of plastic, I look for the BPA-free label or go with glass or stainless steel.  (When we ditched the sippy cups for Sigg bottles, my kids never missed them!) (This is my arsenal of BPA-free stuff, minus the rest of the Laptop Lunches bento box and water bottles which the little guy has with him at school right now!  Cute stuff, right?  Besides the Siggs , we have Resnackit , Lunchskins , and Lap

The GREEN CT Realtor in Photon Magazine

When a package arrived at my office on Friday from the Netherlands, I just assumed that one of my readers had sent me a magazine that I would enjoy.  (I'm always amazed at how many different places I have readers following from - it's very humbling to see that in just a few days I might have visitors from China, Moscow, Singapore, Berlin, Canada, Australia, Norway, London, etc.) It wasn't until later that evening when my husband was reading it that we figured it out...Photon Magazine wrote about my blog!  I've been featured on other websites ( NE Conserves ) and blogs before, but this was my first time in print media as The GREEN CT Realtor.  Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also excited about the magazine, which is published in San Francisco.  I'm looking forward to sitting down with a glass of one of my organic wines (yes, I'm still trying a new organic wine each week!)  and reading it cover to cover.  I'll let you know wha

Your New Green Blog Friend

Confession time.  Between taking care of sick kids for the past WEEK, trying to work full-time hours from home due to a very busy real estate schedule, collecting signatures for a town political coup, keeping my commitment to trying new organic wines (someone has to do it!) and patiently waiting on my solar panels, I've also found time to blogstalk a new favorite GREEN blog!  (That sounds like a pretty exciting week though, doesn't it?  Plus tomorrow I have the new video shoot - yes, shoot #2 - for my listing at Knowles Landing !  There exists the remote possibility that a celebrity guest might be there - yes, my 2nd celebrity associated with this listing and I'm SO excited about it!) Let me introduce Mama Gone Green , who might just be my West Coast GREEN counterpart/BFF/soulmate.  OK, that might be going overboard, but we have a lot in common as far as our choices in living an environmentally-friendly life and parenting.  She's an environmental studies instructor