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My Word of the Year (WOTY)

I noticed last week that several of my blogging friends were posting about their #WOTY.  It's not exactly the same idea as what you'd find named as the Word of the Year for say, 2013 (I've read that "Selfie" is the word of the year.)  It's our own personal theme, or special word that will be a focus, or reminder.  I remember certain years at work, some of my associates had goals prominently displayed on their desks as their motivation.  I'm all for that.  My desk has travel photos from France and a small artifact from Tuscany. This isn't the same as a goal or motivation.  It's a reminder of what's important.  It took me all of 5 seconds (or possibly less) to pick mine.  It was on my wrist. I come from a HUGE family.  You have no idea.  (But here's a clue - between both sets of grandparents, they had 20+ children!  I have A LOT of aunts & uncles, and an even larger number of cousins!!!)  I only know 2 other people who have bigger