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Eco-Friendly Baby Picks for the Holidays

One of the things I love about Facebook is all the sharing of information between friends. This morning on my friend Lily's page I found a small company in Colorado who sells eco-friendly clothing for children. They haven't even got their website up yet, but they were putting out some good information. A few links I found interesting: EcoWorldBaby listed their top picks for holiday gifts: http:// Information on the Sustainable Cotton Project: http:// Those of you who know me know that I'm not an "over the top" greenie . I'm more of a work in progress :) That's why I love learning more about ways to be GREEN or Environmentally Friendly. For most of us, it's easier to take those baby steps, like the reusable bags, recycling, conserving energy, combining car trips, changing the lightbulbs to CFLs, etc. All these small steps can and do make a difference. What GREEN th