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The Return of the GREEN CT Realtor!

Has it really been 6 months?  It's like time zipped into fast forward mode and I couldn't slow things down!  I suppose it started in the Spring, when I saw a sharp rise in my real estate activity, and then things got fast & furious by summer.  I averaged working 60 hours per week, and even when I tried to take a few days off for a family vacation, I spent every day with phone calls, emails, texts, & negotiations.  No complaints though - life was just a little off-balance for a while.  I used to work that many hours per week when I was first building my business, before I had children.  With children = a little more difficult and a greater need to schedule some real time off. So part of the craziness included upping our GREEN lifestyle!  We added a Solar Hot Water system to our house.  I'll post about that shortly.  It really does deserve it's own post :) Also on the GREEN front, my first very GREEN real estate listing!     122 East Hebron Tpke., Leb