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Do These Jeans Make my Butt Look GREEN?

Time for a little GREEN recap of happenings of late! We're back from the DisneyWorld trip to celebrate the little guy's birthday, but I'm still feeling kind of guilty over how much waste there was on the trip.  I suppose most of that was beyond our control, and at least we did the following to keep things on the GREEN side: bought reusable mugs (cutting down the number of cups we would have tossed) took public transportation (cutting down on emissions) reused towels & sheets (cutting down on water usage) ate at as many table service restaurants as we could (cutting down on disposable plates & flatware) recycled our glassware, plastic bottles & newspapers There is consolation in knowing that Disney does a lot of work in conservation.  (I had to tell myself that as I cringed at throwing away things I normally would have recycled at home, but also kept in mind all the good things I discovered about how GREEN the Disney Company is in a previous post.)