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On My GREEN Nightstand...Part I

Recently I've been reading 2 GREEN -themed books.  The first was a cookbook which I mentioned in a previous post, In the Green Kitchen by Alice Waters, which was really just about standard technique in th kitchen.  Other than a brief introduction where the word organic was used, I don't see much in the book which really lives up to the title.  I mean, sure, cooking with fresh & organic food is GREEN , but I think it was a little misleading and I didn't get much out of it.  In all fairness to the author, I already have most of those basic skills down like a kitchen ninja.  (Just for fun, try cooking one night like you're a ninja, with lots of cool moves & swinging your knives around like swords...oh and sound effects - though ninjas are silent - it's really hilarious.  Just be careful if you own really large knives like I do!  Be especially careful if you also like to drink wine while you're cooking!) 2nd GREEN book I'm reading feeds nicely into my