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Solar Panels on Monday

Just as my beautiful sunflowers were beginning to fade... I opened the email that the solar installation begins Monday morning!  The project we began back in January is finally coming to fruition and I'm SO excited.  It's a good thing the support beams for the attic were delivered yesterday.  This is the delivery from our local lumber yard.  (Funny story about the lumber yard - their phone number is written on the outside of our house - we're talking eye-level as you walk up to the front door.  We think hubby's grandfather wrote it there 267-2565 and it won't come off.  It's been there for at least 15 years already!  Because of that, we decided not erase the smiley face Julien drew below it a few years ago when he entered his Picasso phase.)  Seeing as how we now have only the weekend before work starts, I can see hubby will be spending the weekend in the attic sistering up those beams for added support. By the way, local friends, did you notice that our lo

GREEN Events...Coming Up!

Hola Greenie Friends!  Happy 1st day of Autumn! Anyone else get the invite to "Out of this World 2010 the green gala" at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford?  The details: Saturday, Oct. 16th from 7-11pm ages 21 and over.  It's an eco-chic evening with food, celebrating the mission of the science center and the first CT gala powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, plus THE GREENIES, awards for various Green fashion statements.  Love it.  There are also various auctions for some very chic prizes like trips - you know how I love to travel!  Sounds like fun, eh?  Tickets are $150 pp.  Click here for more info. Another eco-event coming up even sooner is the National Solar Tour.  In Connecticut, the event is Saturday Oct. 2nd from 10-4.  This is the open house of homes running on solar power  - there are 21 sites throughout the state open that day with representatives or site owners there to discuss the types of installations, systems, and technologies used.  It's a f

Modular & Pre-Fab Housing has a GREEN Lining

The truth is that I'm conflicted when it comes to new construction.  When it comes down to selling existing homes vs. new, I've always picked existing because it's been the GREENER choice.  If we have plenty of housing inventory, then why muck up more of the ridgeline overlooking the lake (just an example from my town) with clearcutting for mcmansions, which not many can afford in this economy?  Why ruin the view for the rest of the community?  At the same time, I firmly believe people have a right to do what they'd like on their own property, as long as it doesn't conflict with local planning & building codes.  I don't deny anyone that right.  I've handled this personal dilemma with choosing not to sell subdivisions or seeking out new construction business.  Plenty of other realtors are out there who would be thrilled for the business. In my local real estate market, there isn't very much modular or pre-fab construction.  I've heard people say

Solar Panel Update!

Since this is not an organic wine blog, I'll be brief about the wine I tried last week.  I like some whites, but I have to say I REALLY enjoyed the Bonterra Viognier.  So far that's 2 out of 3 bottles I'd buy again! I haven't mentioned our solar panel project in a while, so here's the update.  We've been approved and our install date is in October!   Seems like it kept getting pushed farther and farther out, but there it is.  Scott has some support work to do on the older part of the roof so it will withstand the weight.  Since he'll be doing work in the attic we've decided to purge the attic (yet again) and host a tag sale which, when combined with the contents of the garage (we'll be tearing it down next Spring to make way for one which will be less critter-infested and might actually fit our cars,) and the goodies in the basement, should be quite the interesting assortment.   Connecticut Light & Power, our electric company has already sent

Biodynamic Wines? Yes, Please!

My introduction to organic wines continues!  Last week I drank a Sterling Vineyards 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, which was fruity as promised, but a little less full-bodied than I prefer.  It grew on me after a few sips, and I think it grew on hubby as well, because I think he finished the bottle on me! The De Martino Cab - wow.  The label was right on with the full-bodied and long lasting finish.  Yum.  I'll be drinking more of that. I thought this would be the week to try out my first biodynamic wine (at least that I'm aware of - it's entirely possible I've had some from French friends who drink organic.)  Turns out it's kind of hard to find in my little town.  Maybe it's because I didn't find the word "biodynamic" on any of the labels.  I suppose I need to go into the store armed with the names of the labels I'm looking to try. What does biodynamic wine mean, anyway?  My understanding is that it is wine produced on a vineyard/far