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Break Out Stars!

I've been using the term "Break Out Star" lately.  You know, as in, the sweet girl who sang as Mrs. Potts in last week's performance of Beauty & The Beast was (for me) the break out star of the show - I had never heard her sing before and she nailed it - knocked my socks off and made me cry. The Break Out Star of my early Summer garden is Organic Vates Kale, by High Mowing Organic Seeds in Wolcott, VT!  I've had kale before, but never got terribly excited about it.  Until now. Is it because I've never grown my own kale before?  Maybe.  Maybe freshly picked is what makes it so much better.  This particular variety of kale is a dwarf curly kale baby leaf with dark blue-green leaves.  It may even overwinter!  I like it so much that I'm on the search for more seeds.  I originally picked these up at Whole Foods and thought I'd give them a try.  Easily my favorite new vegetable in the garden this year.  I tend to prepare it the same ways I use s