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Our First Year Rebranded...

Or alternatively, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services… you had me at "Hello!" OK, maybe not at "Hello." I was a bit weary after the last time our office had been rebranded (somewhat reluctantly) back in 2005, but as I had stated in a previous post , this transition went SO smoothly.  So to revise my statement, you had me at the transition! BHHS Swag goes nicely with my French Market Basket! Part of what made it an amazing year has to be how it started with a transition that I would describe as positive energy that was welcoming,  renewing and reigniting even!  Now this may have been specific to my 2 offices, but our theme for the year was the Year of Happiness.  On a larger scale, looking at our year, I think it was also a year of investment in our agents & offices. People in town (as well as other agents) have asked me what it's been like, becoming BHHS.  From my perspective, I saw big improvements in our technology, training & education, onli