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Back in the US with Organic Wine on my Mind

Let me begin with a thanks to all my readers, coworkers, friends & family for helping us get through a very difficult and scary medical ordeal with my dad.  This week I'm finally back to work, and thrilled to be here.  I'm sorry to announce my new iMac isn't here as the hard drive is somehow toasted and it is being repaired at the Apple Store. I'm a bit of a planner.  That's an understatement.  I'm a huge planner and it only got worse when I had kids.  It applies to most areas of my life.  While I wish I were more of a neat freak, I'm more of a planner and goal-setter.  It is what it is.  So I'm looking at my upcoming Fall quarter, and while I have work goals, family goals, travel plans (hello, we're going to Ireland!) I also have GREEN goals.  (Does anyone else make quarterly GREEN goals?) Somewhere on the Internet I caught a line that struck a chord.  It said something like, if you're eating organic, why aren't you drinking organic
Dear Readers, My apologies but there is no post today due to a family medical emergency.  Best wishes to all of you, and I will post again once we have gotten through this. The Green CT Realtor

My GREEN Experience in Europe

The jet lag has worn off, and the Japanese house guests left this morning, so what else is there to do (don't mention the laundry or lack of food in the house) but put up a new blog post?  (I suppose it's time to stop crying about the lack of good baguette or St. Julien cheese, and don't even get me started on the coffee or I'll break down for sure.) Do you remember when I went on and on about how much GREENER things are in Europe?  (I mean in the ECO way.)  Well I certainly kept my eye out for those kinds of things as we traveled for the month of July across France and Italy (Belgium was such a short stay but I do have a note about that too) and I was surprised at my findings. I went in expecting everything to be super GREEN .  I wasn't disappointed when we arrived in France and were greeted both there and in Belgium by GIANT, futuristic-alien-like looking wind turbines.  France has the 3rd largest European resource of wind power after Germany and the UK.  (*