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No/Low VOC Paints

Anyone else have a painting project you've been kicking around?  Other than every piece of trim in my kitchen desperately needing a fresh coat of paint, I have a furniture project giving me the stink eye every time I walk past it.  It's a set of bookcases we got from a tag sale that need a charming/Pottery Barn vibe.  I saw a how-to on The Lettered Cottage and I loved how it came out.  It's going to require some work: trim moldings, some beadboard wallpaper or mirrors, maybe some hinges & cabinet doors, the use of a mitre saw & table saw (I might just be on my own using them - hubby wants nothing to do with my project) plus primer & paint.  Not just any paint though.  I'm not introducing more toxins into my house, thank you very much.  This time I'm going the zero/low VOC (volatile organic chemicals) route.  Why, exactly? This passage from Ed Begley, Jr.'s book, Living Like Ed, sums it up nicely for me: "Traditional paint has got all kinds o

Earth Day & My First Bento Box Lunches

There's so much to say today!   HAPPY EARTH DAY!   Last week's guest post was such a huge smashing success - thanks again to Let's Go Fly a Kite for sharing her recycled paper wreath!  Check out her blog this week as she's kept with an Earth Week theme - I absolutely love her E co-Organization project from a few days ago pictured below. BENTO BOX LUNCHES I've been getting a LOT of questions about how it's going with the Bento Box Lunches for my little guy.  Thanks for all the interest!  The idea was to make him a healthy lunch without any waste & using all reusable packaging.  We're on Day 4 (we started for Earth Week too, by coincidence) and I've learned a few lessons so far: You don't have to fill every container - keep in mind how much  your child will actually eat so you're not wasting food.  Small portions are good. My child is more than happy with his reusable water bottle (no more buying juice boxes or organic milk boxes) a

Recycled Paper Wreath Project

Please welcome Let's Go Fly a Kite , who has graciously permitted me to repost her recent blog post creating a colorful wreath with recycled materials in honor of Earth Day! This crafty Toronto mom, wife & attorney writes a fun blog about her adventures in life, crafts, name it. Thanks for sharing, KJ! Next week (or maybe earlier) I'll post some of the local activities celebrating Earth Day in Connecticut. What can you make from cardboard? Whimsical Recycled Paper Flower Wreath The Crafty Crow is sharing a number of eco friendly crafts in celebration of Earth Day. Yesterday, the Crow asked what can you make out of cardboard? This is our cardboard project - a whimsical wreath project which is great for kids. I was inspired by these flowers made out of recycled paper tubes on Parents (by the way, there are some fabulous crafts for kids on this site too). (Via Parents, tutorial by Grace Dioguardo available here ) I gathered my stash of paper tubes

The Big 4-0! Earth Day is 40!

Isn't my blog all Springy today? What do you think? It's a reflection of my unabashed excitement over the blooms bursting left & right as I walk my kids to school this week. That and my gardens are filled with little signs of Spring! Earth Day turns 40 this year and April 22nd is creeping up on us. While I've been celebrating Earth Day since I was in elementary school, this marks the first time I'm looking at it with a social media view. The National Association of Realtors, of which I am a proud member, posted a link to a short article from called 5 Ways to Go Green for Earth Day with Social Media . Did you know that the first Earth Day was the catalyst in the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency? It was also lead to the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts? No kidding! That's something to celebrate right there! Obviously I believe that EVERY DAY MATTERS when it comes to being GREEN, so the idea of celebratin

Super Cool Green Houses

Welcome to my first post written on my NEW energy-efficient iMac ! Cool, right? Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that Apple also offers to recycle up to 2 boxes of old computer components for us for FREE! How's that for GREEN business practices? (polite applause.) Have you guys seen Great inspirations for building GREEN homes around the country and around the world. I like the combination of GREEN & simple, so I'm not a fan of the way out there wacky. I'm also not into ultra-modern home styles, but I appreciate them for the artistic value. I guess I would sum up my dream house as a small French Normandy style country chateau/manor with GREEN features. Mmmmm ....a girl can dream. If you have a few minutes, here are several very short videos highlighting various GREEN homes!