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15 Years of Adventures in Real Estate - the Superlative Highlight List!

OR, the "MOST" of my 15 years of Real Estate Adventures!      Sometimes clients or other agents ask me questions about funny things that have happened to me in the business - here are some of the highlights: Most awkward moment showing houses:  I was showing lake cottages in Middlefield, CT to a woman, and we arrived at our first appointment to find there was a large man, in nothing but his underwear, sprawled on the living room floor, asleep & surrounded by empty beer cans. She wanted to just step over him and see the property!  I said no and pushed her out the door.  We still talk and laugh about it sometimes!  I also toured a property with my office mates one day and the smell inside was SO HORRIBLE (I think something had died in the house) I ran outside to dry heave into the bushes. Most expensive house I ever listed: $1.65M.  Unfortunately it didn't sell (not even 5 years later after 5 other Realtors have tried!)  This price is not the norm in my marke