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Vintage Linens

Every once in a while I feel the need to share with you an artisan who is creating really lovely things with recycled or repurposed materials (remember Mrs. Krafty & Stefanie Marco of KiNDSPiN Design ?) This one in particular really resonates with me...for several reasons.  The most intrinsic being that she uses vintage french linens (and grain sacks.)  I immediately connect with that because the only possession I have that belonged to my grandmother is a piece of old linen, with a narrow green stripe, used as a dishcloth.  For all I know it could have been her mother's, or grandmother's, or come over from France with earlier generations of us. It's a tangible piece of family history.  That's the thing about good linen...a piece has probably been around generations but is still in use.  It's a reminder to me that quality is worth every penny.  As you can imagine, something that lasts so long suits my GREEN sensibilities.   One of my new favorite pillows