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Finding Green Homes on MLS

So, it turns out finding GREEN homes on the MLS can be challenging. As I'm writing this, there is yet to be a "green" field for searching. I'm thinking it can't be long before one is added, but in the meantime, there are some agents putting their GREEN listings on websites specifically aimed at this niche market. The first one I found was . While they don't have any active Connecticut listings on there (there was one in Woodstock, but it sold,) I can tell you that I'd happily take either of the homes listed in Fiji. Seriously, you don't have to ask me twice. There are several states with listings at this time though, so if you're looking for a home outside of CT, there's a starting place. Who do I know looking for homes outside of CT? Certainly people looking for a 2nd home or vacation property (like me, but I tend to look to Europe for my next housing.) Also retirees looking for a vacation or retirement ho