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Becoming Part of the Community

How I Found "Home" in my Community As a Realtor® I talk to a lot of people making a move to a new community.  I've been there with big moves as both a child and as an adult.   I know firsthand how intimidating it can be to start over in a town where you don't know anyone. I moved to our small town 15 years ago, but continued to carry on every aspect of my old life working in a city and spending all of my time still in my old suburb with my friends & family. The move "to the country" where I didn't know anyone other than my husband and his family was an adjustment I wasn't making very well and to be honest I had a hard time at first.  This wasn't home to me.  As a (kind of) Third Culture Kid who had split my childhood between two different countries, I was used to not being sure which place was home, but now I was an adult and looking for something concrete.  I had to jump in head first and discover what would bind me to this town and find