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All I Want for Valentine's Day is a Rain Barrel!

Once again my very GREEN local library is offering a sweet deal on helping us be a little GREENER too!  This is part of the 2012 Backyard Composting Campaign by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association .   I'm going to share the details with you as I sip this yummy, spicy organic fair trade hot cocoa from Trader Joe's.  It's super spicy, just so you know, just the way those crazy Aztecs & Mayans (thanks for making us freak out that the world is ending this year) drank.  I already have (AND LOVE!) the Earth Machine Compost Bin and they're offering it at only $52 ($100 retail value.)  Along side that there's the compost turner for $20.  I use an old pitch fork for turning my compost and I feel so old-school cool doing it, I have to admit, and it's pretty hard work.  (In my head, Martha Stewart uses an old pitch fork too.)  This tool, however, may actually work better, and I probably wouldn't have to worry about getting a tetanus booster if I dropp

Best of My GREEN Bento Lunches!

Those of you who've been following along for a while may remember that in honor of Earth Day 2010 and my desire to create waste-free lunches after seeing how much trash was being generated in the school lunch room, that I decided to go Bento for my son's lunches.  Actually, it may have been my son's idea come to think of it!  I had a great response from readers, other moms, teachers, and even the children in my son's class who referred to me as "the cool lunch mom" and "Mrs. Perfect Lunch-Maker!"  I like to think that I'm making healthy, mostly-organic, fun lunches. My bento boxes of choice were and still are, made by Laptop Lunches .  Since purchasing my first set, the 2.0 system, I've purchased a 2nd for my daughter and several extra container sets & water bottles, which all mix & match.  I also bought a slew of extra water bottle tops so that I can just change out the tops.  (My personal preference - I find that I use more of the