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Monica Seles & Knowles Landing!

Sorry about the absence!  It's crunch time chez nous, and with a BIG LISTING comes a BIG WORKLOAD - especially when you're getting ready to go on vacation!  Preparing for and working on these 2 wonderful things in my life has left little time for blogging, or gardening, or cooking, or cleaning :) What exactly have I been doing?  Falling in love - and not just with the Portuguese soccer team - with a dreamy property on the CT River that we call Knowles Landing (....sigh.) Some of you may know how much I love historic homes.  This one is  historic with a twist - it has many of the features & characteristics I love in an antique home, but it has been renovated with modern conveniences.  I'm fine with that - I'm not a purist.  Just take one look at those gables, the upper deck and sunroom, the gorgeous wrap around's enough to make a girl swoon.  Then turn around and check out the view... It's pretty spectacular,

Pick Up A Green Read!

Have you SEEN how many GREEN books are out there these days?  A quick search on came up with 1,480 and that was just from searching "green living." I love books.  Addicted to them is probably what you'd say if you saw the collections of children's books in our house.  Our weekly trip to the library always leaves me bringing home GREEN books on top of my usual travel, garden, cooking or art selections.  I can't say I have time to read every page - I've become more of a skimmer (apparently this has transferred over to some of my email reading practices as I realized today - apologies to the Fine Homes Director at Prudential CT Realty I've been working with on my new listing!) (Whoops - how did Retiring Abroad get in there? :)  ) So which books would I recommend for you to flip through as you're grilling up those veggies on the grill?  (Because I imagine that we all grill in flip-flops, with a book in one hand and a glass of vino in th

How GREEN is your Real Estate Listing?

When the real estate market becomes really challenging, as it's been in our market since late 2008, we as Realtors and Sellers need to look at listing properties from other perspectives.  It's not just about the "handsome wainscoting" anymore (although really, who doesn't LOVE beautiful woodwork?)  We've come into a time where we need to also discuss the features that will offer the buyers benefits such as lowering utility costs, greater comfort, and saving money.  Not all buyers are on board with the social responsibility of living greener, but I've yet to meet one who wasn't interested in the money-saving aspect of it. Putting aside what I would consider "extreme GREEN " features for our marketplace (solar or wind power, geo-thermal) let's consider the more common (& less pricey) GREEN features we might already have that we can work to our advantage. "Energy-efficient" tops my list for favorite GREEN real estate term