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The GREEN CT Realtor Returns to Europe!

It's been a long time.  It's been so easy to find excuses with 2 small children and a busy real estate career, but we're doing it - traveling to Europe en famille per la prima volta.  (I mix my French & Italian because I feel like it just rolls off the tongue.)   For everyone who has been it is...the crazy, hectic "I can't-believe-we're-really-going-to-do-this" itinerary of our European Summer Adventure.  Looking back at the "we'll never do that road trip again" vacation of last year, and feeling like we needed a vacation after our vacation, I'm still surprised that we're doing it.  Wish us luck! For starters, we're flying Air Canada for 3, maybe 4 reasons.  I like the convenience of flying out of Hartford with 2 kids and not having to get to JFK or BOS.  We stop in Montreal (I wonder if they have poutine at the airport?) and then on to Paris.  My pilot neighbor Don talked me out of taking an airbus last year,

ReSnackit? Yes Please. Pesticides? No Thank You.

Guess who just got one step closer to becoming the QUEEN of GREEN lunches?  Oui, c'est moi!  Not only is my 6 year old carrying waste-less lunches, but now my preschooler has her own reusable snack/sandwich bag by ReSnackIt .  This is the work of  Avon, CT "mompreneur" Kristin Webster on a quest to create waste-free lunches and drop the plastic bag habit.   Picked up a gender-neutral orange design at Whole Foods so that it gets maybe a little more use in that maybe my son might use it too, but I can already see we'll picking up more of these for days when we're out running errands, etc.  My son has his eye on the skateboard print! Newly Reported Dangers of Pesticides As if there weren't enough health risks posed by pesticides, new studies reported this week have associated certain pesticides (or residues) to ADHD in children.  Read the Time Magazine article here .  All the more reason for me to keep up my garden and continue to buy organic produce.  I do

Gardening is the Original GREEN

I'm not sure why I was so completely mortified in 6th grade when my mom told the whole school that I loved to garden the night I was named student of the year.  Why was that soooo embarrassing then?  (Looking back, I should have been more embarrassed by that crazy 1980's dress I was wearing!)  Gardening has been a part of my life forever.  My parents both grew up on farms, everyone I knew had a garden.  We'd go to visit an uncle and spend the morning picking or planting together.  My cousins own a huge commercial farm.  It's in my blood.  It might just be in my children's blood too!   I'm one of those gardeners who buys the leftover seeds at the end of the growing season.  You know, the ones in a basket tucked under some shelf that you have to get someone to help you find because you just know they're hiding somewhere?  I take my kids and for 25 cents per pack I let them go wild.  Big spender, right? Well, I've amassed quite the collection of seed

Good News for Alternative Energy in CT & Farmer's Markets!

I've been a little engrossed in real estate lately - it's that time of year, and when you add in the crunch we had to get in under the tax credit wire, well, let's just say we're lucky I can still speak in somewhat complete sentences.  That's my excuse for not knowing about the Energy Bill that was going before the CT House of Representatives this week.  It passed 81-40.  Click here to see who voted for it.  Let's be hopeful that it now gets signed by Governor Rell.  (BTW,  you can call her office 800-406-1527 during business hours to ask her to support Senate Bill 493.This bill would subsidize alternative energy production such as solar, wind & hydroelectric power, and calls for a 15% reduction in electricity rates (yay!) plus tougher regulations of the retail marketing of electric power to both residential & business consumers. As much as an energy bill makes me happy....farmer's markets & spring markets make me absolutely giddy!  Although