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Day 365 Totals on our Solar Panels

Here it is - Day 365 How many kWh we generated on 5 November, 2011 by 4pm that day: How many pounds of carbon dioxide we've saved in 365 days: Nice.

Happy 1st Anniversary to my Solar Panels!

In just 2 days we mark the anniversary of turning on the power to the solar panels!   It may be a little premature to announce what the costs were, as well as how many hours we used, etc., and I can't give you a full year's analysis yet, but I can compare recent months to the same months the year before, and talk about how much of a difference I can see in the first 10 months.   January-October of 2010 we used 7,751 kWh.  January-October of 2011 we used 125 kWh.  Yes, 125.  Since March 2011 we've generated more power than we've used, resulting in 0 usage for every month since then!  As I once stated, our utility company, Connecticut Light & Power, charges us  $16/month just to be connected, so that has been our monthly electric bill since March.  Of course, we are paying our monthly solar lease payments as well.  It will be interesting to be able to compare the winter months as well as the full year. One of the months, February, is completely off, and I w