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Photovoltaic Avalanche!

For my local readers, you know exactly how much snow we've been getting this month - record breaking historic snowfalls in fact!  For my long-distance readers, we've had snowfalls leaving us with 29 inches of snow, 18 inches of snow, and lots of smaller amounts sprinkled in.  It's one of those winters we'll always remember as the one where we had snowstorms every week, and where the kids only had a few full days of school the entire month.  My composter is buried somewhere under all that white stuff.  There's no where left to put the snow, the piles are so high. While I know it is difficult for most of us, and lots of people are grumpy over this, I'm smiling a little inside for all the folks in the snow removal business.  I hope they make piles of money, and I hope one of them will use that money to buy Knowles Landing ! (hint hint)  See, I'm such an optimist :) With a new solar array on our roof, we were a little nervous riding out that first big storm wh

52% Growth Rate in Environment-Related Careers

While out for some family fun the other day, hubby & I struck up a conversation about vacation week camps for the kids.  It seems obvious that we'd send the children to French camp (like we did with Julien when he was 5) or fencing camp (on the short list for this summer) but we love the idea of science-themed camps as well.  Apparently there are other science choices these days besides space camp (which I'm pretty sure we can't afford) or robotics.  Hubby said he thinks GREEN jobs are the "wave of the future" - that sounds so dated!  It got me thinking though. This article I found on was pretty interesting.  It's called Green My Major  and lists the "hottest environmentally-friendly majors" as: Bioethics Entrepreneurship Environmental Design/Architecture Eco-Fashion Design Green Food Science Horticulture Marine Biology Urban Planning Those all sound pretty interesting, don't you think? The statistic that jump

Happy New Year!

Ahhh.....Holiday Hiatus Over!  As much as I love the holidays, I have to admit it's kind of nice to get back to a regular routine.  Not that this week has been anything close to normal yet - beginning of the year in real estate (and probably with many of your jobs) is super busy.  Add to that the amazing little rental listing I put on the market that has my phone and email going crazy with renters, and it's been non-stop.  Seriously, I had 15 calls the first 2 days, and I've had a steady stream of them since.  I think we need more quality rentals in my area!  Somebody jump on that, ok?  I've got a list of renters all looking if anyone is thinking of putting a rental on the market!  Or if you're thinking of buying an investment property to rent me and we'll get cracking! Did anyone else in town catch that we're getting a furniture consignment shop in the village center?  That's very GREEN !  I love it!  I don't know who is opening it, but