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Cloudy with a Chance of Haggis - My Green Life & Real Estate Goes to Scotland!

Part I We did it again…packed up the kids and headed overseas.  This was the trip that almost didn't happen though.  Normally I would have made all of my reservations by January for a Summer trip, but I fell really ill just before Winter, and there were a few months when I could barely walk due to the debilitating side effects of taking Levaquin, an antibiotic I'd been prescribed.  (The most severe side effects lasted for months and even now, 9 months later, I still have residual effects and pain. Hopefully I've been spared of the other scary side effects, but I really don't know yet.) I was starting to feel down about my chances of a full recovery, but the optimist in me went ahead and booked the trip in the Spring, and bought travel insurance just in case I couldn't travel. Things went from bad to worse, but not in the way I had imagined. We left for Scotland 3 days after my father's funeral. I was emotionally & physically spent, my heart heavy,