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...and My BIG Month Continues!!!

September started right HERE! It turns out, September continues to be a BIG month for me.  For a few reasons: My blog, even though I had to change the name (remember when I had to do that here ) had an anniversary this weekend and I'm now in my 6th year!  6 years!  I'm pretty sure that calls for cheesecake. Work is busy with several new clients and the return of a few old ones!  I was in direct competition with several other Realtors for a listing (the seller admitted interviewing several agents, and even called me back for a 2nd interview) and got the listing.  I also picked up new buyers who based their decision to work with me from their impression of me on this blog! On the home front, my oldest child reaches double digits this month.  While that wasn't a surprise, becoming the host family to a 16 yr old Romanian exchange student was!  We had been asked to host him for 2 weeks at the beginning of school, and we were already completely attached to him when we w

My 14th Year in Real Estate and Big Changes!

This September is a BIG month for me!  Not only does this launch the beginning of my 14th year in real estate but there are big changes happening in my business.  Know what's crazy about that?  A kooky palm reader in Ogunquit, Maine predicted a big change in my company 8 months before we knew anything about it, and she had it down to the month !  (When she said it to me at the time, I didn't think twice about it, and I didn't believe anything else she said either.  Now I'm thinking a return visit to Ogunquit isn't such a bad idea.  Maybe she can tell me where the buyer is for a million dollar listing I've been hoping to sell!) On September 25th, Prudential CT Realty is closing its doors, and reopening the next morning as Berkshire Hathaway Home Services - New England Properties.  Say that three times fast! Yes, THAT Berkshire Hathaway.  Warren Buffet is my new boss, so to speak!  While there is always a little uncertainty in a time of change, there