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New Tax Credits for Green Home Improvements

These days I'm in a thrifty way. A lot of us are. That's why I'm thrilled about all the tax incentives available to help us with the sometimes high costs of going green. The information below was taken from a Hartford Courant article entitled "Saving Green By Going Green" written by David Funkhouser and published November 23, 2008. I thought it was good reading, and a reminder that even though I got a quote of $10,000 to put up solar panels for a hot water system, I can get a tax credit of $2000, which sounds good to me! It's definitely an investment, and in this case, a long-term one before realizing any savings, but seeing as how we don't have plans to move anytime soon (infact I'm sure my husband plans on staying in this house forever) it's something we've investigated.,0,1500803.story Here's a summary of the programs out there: Federal Tax Incen