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My First High Mowing Seeds

Despite the fact that we still had a good foot of snow on the ground a few weeks ago, I went out in search of garden seeds.  With Spring just around the corner, things have to warm up eventually, right? I did some research into organic seed companies and found a website that I liked but hadn't ordered from before - High Mowing Seeds , out of Wolcott, VT.  When I searched if I could buy the seeds locally, I found that Whole Foods a few towns over carried them.  They had a nice selection, and these are the ones I brought home: I also found an article I liked about the company over at a website called A Way To Garden .  The article is really informative and has a Q&A with the founder, Tom Stearns.  I enjoyed it.  You can read it HERE.    Next order of business is getting my onion & shallot sets!  (Even if there's still too much snow in my garden and the ground is frozen because it's 20F out there!)

Earth Day 2014 - Greening Our Communities

This year's Earth Day is only about 6 weeks away.  This year's Earth Day theme is Green Cities , or Greening Our Communities (for those of us non-city dwellers.)   I have to say I really like this theme!  If half of the Earth's population is urban, then it makes sense to focus on improving those areas. So, do you have plans for any Earth Day-related event?  If you haven't looked into it yet, it's time to find out what's going on in your community... or if there isn't an event planned, you might just have time to head up an event of your own!