Friday, February 14, 2014

Feeling the Love at My GREEN Life and Real Estate

A few days ago I celebrated my 3rd Anniversary writing for REALTOR® Magazine's YPN blog, called YPN Lounge.  (YPN stands for Young Professionals Network.) I can't believe it's been that long already!  Lately I've been feeling a lot of love from the readers there, getting loads of comments, emails,  tweets, Facebook friend requests and most recently, old-fashioned fan mail.  The kind the post office delivers!

The last package contained a really sweet note card with a note about how much this man had enjoyed my last article, and a copy of his book, What'$ Your Rate?, which is a guide to real estate for first-time home buyers!  I've only started reading it, but the thing I like about it is that it's about planning your financial future by building your "Core 7" team.  I am all about planning and I have a few members of my team secured already, but there are a few aspects I hadn't put enough time into.  According to the book, the 7 members of your financial team are: Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Originator, Financial Advisor, Real Estate Attorney, Property & Casualty Insurance Agent, Accountant, and Estate Planning Attorney.  I work with several of these professionals!  I love the team approach, and once I find the right "teammates" I'm very loyal to them.  Thanks Mark Maiocca for sending me this read!

I'm awaiting my new writing schedule from REALTOR® Magazine and looking forward to another new opportunity as I've been asked to write for the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Rethink Report, which is the blog for the BHHS ReThink Council.  Technically, I've aged out of the group (I know - 40 is SOOOO old, right?  Haha!) but I'm honored to be asked to contribute.  

I was also feeling the LOVE yesterday when Carl Guild and I organized a Broker House Tour in East Hampton with a Valentine's theme.  We called it the Sweetheart Homes Tour and Carl rented a 12 passenger van which we decorated with valentines messages and hearts and played a "love" mixed CD with Barry White songs.  It was a BLAST with 16 agents and 11 homes toured plus a delicious lunch at the last house!  We even met a few new faces!  Great feedback from the agents and a successful event!  Click HERE to see the 30 second flipagram video wrap up of our morning.  Here we are in front of the "Love Bus!" 

Happy Valentine's Day from My GREEN Life and Real Estate ♥ I hope you're all feeling the LOVE!