Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do These Jeans Make my Butt Look GREEN?

Time for a little GREEN recap of happenings of late!

We're back from the DisneyWorld trip to celebrate the little guy's birthday, but I'm still feeling kind of guilty over how much waste there was on the trip.  I suppose most of that was beyond our control, and at least we did the following to keep things on the GREEN side:

bought reusable mugs (cutting down the number of cups we would have tossed)
took public transportation (cutting down on emissions)
reused towels & sheets (cutting down on water usage)
ate at as many table service restaurants as we could (cutting down on disposable plates & flatware)
recycled our glassware, plastic bottles & newspapers

There is consolation in knowing that Disney does a lot of work in conservation.  (I had to tell myself that as I cringed at throwing away things I normally would have recycled at home, but also kept in mind all the good things I discovered about how GREEN the Disney Company is in a previous post.)  On a side note, it was a really lovely visit and I would highly recommend staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge as we did.  Seeing the savannah animals outside our balcony every day was really memorable.

Another way we got a little GREENER the past few weeks was that I put some of the college money my daughter won from CHET (CT Higher Education Trust) into the Social Choice Option, which among other things, chooses companies based on environmental practices.  While my own investment portfolio includes similar funds (as I once wrote about here) hers did not.  Here she is receiving her check at the State Library:

What else is on the GREEN horizon these days?  I've been looking into environmentally-friendly local companies and I'll be introducing you to one very soon.  Also, we're approaching the 1-year anniversary of my solar panels going live, and I'll be sharing how the first year went in terms of production, costs, etc.  Also did some shopping with a friend and picked up a pair of jeans at our local consignment shop.  For $8 they're in pretty good shape and super comfy.  Paired with my scarf of the week (a whimsical floral piece I picked up in Firenze) it's a seasonally-appropriate GREEN look!

BTW, a quick shout out to my International readers already this month:  Korea, Egypt, India, Mexico, France, Norway & Hungary!  Thanks for reading!  I'd love to hear how you're living the GREEN life too :)