Monday, April 16, 2012

Earth Day Straight Ahead!

Before I really started living GREEN, I used to spend a whole lot more time thinking about Earth Day.  It was that big day when we made such a huge effort.  (We've planted trees, done a dozen cleanups around town, planted gardens, recycled, gone on nature hame it!)

Even though being GREEN is fairly effortless now (mind you, it's taken us a while to get to this place) I'll confess that I still get excited about Earth Day.  I can't help it.  It's nice to see people come together like the way my own town's historic village center is doing, to clean up and beautify the area.  Our little village center is great example of GREEN businesses with the likes of a clothing consignment shop, a repurposed/used furniture & home shop, and a coffee house that serves organic locally roasted coffee and locally sourced food in season. 

On a global scale, the theme for this year's Earth Day (which is celebrating it's 42nd anniversary!) is Mobilize the Earth. 

One of the big campaigns this year (and there are several campaigns you can choose to explore & participate in) is One Billion Acts of Green.  They're doing pretty well with it because the last time I checked they were at 958 Million+  pledged acts already! 

I urge you to check out the Earth Day websites for ideas and for browsing their campaigns.  (There are so many great ideas and efforts in these campaigns - some geared towards libraries & schools!)  Maybe even register your own pledges - it can be easy ideas like eating more local foods or changing out light bulbs, or that you participated in Earth Hour.  With everyone making small steps we can all benefit.

Of course I'll be participating in the village center's clean up effort, as well as what my kids call "the garbage walk" on our street, and the debris that collects in the conservation easement along our yard.    

A quick shout out to my International readers from the past month in Turkey, France, Canada, Malaysia, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Serbia, Taiwan & Austria.  Happy Earth Day across the globe!