Monday, November 18, 2013

Missing: My Gardening Mojo

I've lost my gardening mojo…and my favorite soufflĂ© dish…and several other casserole dishes for that matter.  After many years of my bakeware not reappearing (if you happen to have them, I miss them and would love them back) I've given up hope on them.  My gardening mojo is another story.

There are two factors that fed into my disinterest in my garden.  The first was the discovery of snakes in there.  I seriously need to use a repellant of some type.  The second factor was not keeping a garden this  past Summer as we were away.  I did a Spring garden, which kept us eating lots of greens, asparagus, spinach and shallots.  Then we whisked away for the rest of the Connecticut growing season.  I came back to a jungle that even my intrepid neighbor was afraid to enter.  

Sadly, I have no interest in cleaning up the garden for Winter.  Not at all.  What a mess.

The (delicious in cocktails but highly invasive) mint has jumped another 4 feet into the garden, taking over a now 7x5 ft square.  While it smells divine to traipse through it, it needs to be put back in it's place.

Then on Saturday my first (and by far the earliest one I have yet to receive) 2014 seed catalog arrived.  That sparked a visit to my local library in an effort to find gardening books to help fire up my mojo…

So I'm on a quest to find that mojo…and probably a new soufflĂ© dish.