Thursday, October 17, 2013

The BHHS Transition

The big day we'd all been waiting for finally arrived a few weeks ago and our company, Prudential CT Realty is now officially Berkshire Hathaway Home Services New England Properties!  The company launch party at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT was SO MUCH FUN.

My East Hampton & Colchester Offices took a party bus to the Launch Party after a Pre-Event Party in our office.  Such a great group of agents.  I'm lucky to be a part of this family.

All smiles in the theatre! (That's my amazing associate Carl Guild.)
The more formal announcement part of the launch included a few words from Ron Pelletier, Earl Lee, and Candace Adams.  The part that caught me off guard, that really moved me, was how heartfelt and genuine their messages were.  I posted on Twitter, that when Earl Lee got choked up, I got choked up too.  Candace thanked us for trusting her as our leader.  It could have been the champagne talking, but I wanted to hug both of them.

Next about 1600 people enjoyed champagne, food & wine and mingled and celebrated!  It really was a party!  I would share more photos, but I don't have everyone's permission (not everyone wants to be shown with a glass of wine in their hands. I respect that.)

Honestly, it has been completely the opposite of the last transition I experienced when Pru bought out my last company, The Beazley Company.  Now that I look back at that past change, I realize part of the energy last time around was a "Beazley Agents vs. Pru Agents" vibe.  You were one or the other, and for a long time, the Beazley Agents had this bond, like a secret handshake club, and we were a family.  I felt like it took years for us to really take on the new identity.

This time around, we're all in this together, all working on rebranding, and laughing together when we (and by we I mean me) introduce ourselves as "Lynn Minnick from Pru" before catching our mistake and correcting ourselves.  We're doing our best to answer our phones with the new name (and it's a mouthful!)  We have an amazing rebranding team working for us.  We're helping each other fix the glitches and come up with creative ideas. We're having fun with social media.  We're insanely busy.

This time around, it's completely different.  It's exciting.  It was handled so much better - I've said it before, but kudos to our leadership & teams who brought so much good energy to this transition. It also coincides with that fresh start that Autumn always brings me. Out with the old:

Buh-bye old Blue & White. 
And in with the new! (Everyone is buzzing about our new name!) Speaking of new, we also have several new agents coming on board this month...coincidence? Welcome to all of them!  They have great timing.  (Also I'm excited because I'm officially a Mentor to one of the new agents!)

So this is what I've been up to for the past month.  Can you tell I'm proud to be a part of it?  Because I am.  I'm confident in our leadership, in our IT Department (because I know they'll take care of the little things we're finding that need to be tweaked) and in our marketing people.  I'm also very excited to see where things will go from here.

(PS - if you want one of my sassy new business cards, let me know and I'll pop one over to you!)