Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Edgewater Hill - One Year Later...

I live it and breathe it every day here at Berkshire Hathaway.  It's what everyone is talking about in my local real estate universe.  It's exciting and new and I'm so thrilled that my office is part of it.

So what's the buzz all about?  Edgewater Hill is a 74-acre mixed use development, and they broke ground just over a year ago.  The idea is that it will be a walkable community with rental apartments, single-family bungalow-style homes, townhomes, walking trails, cafés, shops, offices and other services - similar to West Hartford's Blue Back Square. In fact, the architect behind Blue Back Square helped to design Edgewater Hill.  The plans are well-thought out, smart, and will likely bring a boost of economic development to our community.  We are already attracting many tenants from outside of town, who will now be spending their money at our local businesses.

Phase I so far has comprised of the building my office shares with Educational Playcare, and 40 garden apartment rentals (some allow pets!) that are going like hotcakes!  When the developers, Steve & Lisa Motto looked at what our community needed as far as housing, our greatest shortage was rentals, and they rose to the challenge of providing them.  The first tenants (in Building 1) took occupancy August 1st, and Building 2 (which is pet-friendly) has an occupancy date of September 1st.  The response to the brand new apartments, with their gorgeous granite counters, deep sinks, in-unit laundry and spacious decks, has been so positive.  We have potential tenants coming in daily looking for more information or to preview the spaces!  There are 3 more rental buildings beginning construction this Fall with anticipated occupancy dates of late Spring & early Summer 2016 that tenants are already reserving almost a year in advance.

This is Building 1 on August 1st as the landscapers were still making it look lovely!

Want to peek at what the interiors of the garden apartments look like?  We had a great 3D model done so you can walk through each of the finished apartments!  We did it as a way to show potential renters the apartments while the next 3 buildings are being built, as the first 2 buildings will be fully occupied.

Still, I have to share some of the kitchens with you - I've never seen such nice rentals before!

The Sage

The Poppy

The Ginger

The Thistle

One of my small joys every day is to drive up to Edgewater Hill to come to work and see what the contractors have done since the day before, or how the landscaping is taking shape.  As cheesy as it may sound, I smile every time I drive in, because I absolutely love it here, and I'm so excited to see what it's going to turn into over time.

I feel SO lucky to be here.  So happy that Berkshire Hathaway made the move here, and so excited to be part of the team representing Edgewater Hill.  They have this tagline that describes Edgewater Hill as East Hampton's best place to live, work, and play, and I can see how much effort, and love and attention to detail is going into this place, and I can envision where it is going.  I'm in.  I'm all in.  

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