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Recycled Paper Wreath Project

Please welcome Let's Go Fly a Kite, who has graciously permitted me to repost her recent blog post creating a colorful wreath with recycled materials in honor of Earth Day! This crafty Toronto mom, wife & attorney writes a fun blog about her adventures in life, crafts, name it. Thanks for sharing, KJ! Next week (or maybe earlier) I'll post some of the local activities celebrating Earth Day in Connecticut.

What can you make from cardboard? Whimsical Recycled Paper Flower Wreath
The Crafty Crow is sharing a number of eco friendly crafts in celebration of Earth Day. Yesterday, the Crow asked what can you make out of cardboard?

This is our cardboard project - a whimsical wreath project which is great for kids.

I was inspired by these flowers made out of recycled paper tubes onParents (by the way, there are some fabulous crafts for kids on this site too).
(Via Parents, tutorial by Grace Dioguardo available here)

I gathered my stash of paper tubes
I used different lengths and cut the tubes according to the tutorial, you can also use scrapbooking scissors with wavy lines, etc. Miss Lily started the paint job, painting each flower a single colour

After the paint dries, you and your helpers can stuff the center of each flower with tissue paper from your stash

I then cut a cardboard circle from an old "for sale" sign (12" circle, about 3" thick) and covered the circle in garden burlap

Hot glue the paper blooms to the wreath base and enjoy your work

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the great projects at Tea Rose Home, Sew Much Ado and Show and Tell at Blue Cricket Design, and Life as Lori - just click the buttons below!

Show and Tell Green
Get your craft on Thurs.


Cheryl said…
I love this! I never thought of doing that with the 6 million paper towel and toilet paper rolls we have around. Too cute. Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
Love it!! This would be great featured in our Blog Carnival, details here...
paper tubes said…
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