Thursday, March 13, 2014

My First High Mowing Seeds

Despite the fact that we still had a good foot of snow on the ground a few weeks ago, I went out in search of garden seeds.  With Spring just around the corner, things have to warm up eventually, right?

I did some research into organic seed companies and found a website that I liked but hadn't ordered from before - High Mowing Seeds, out of Wolcott, VT.  When I searched if I could buy the seeds locally, I found that Whole Foods a few towns over carried them.  They had a nice selection, and these are the ones I brought home:

I also found an article I liked about the company over at a website called A Way To Garden.  The article is really informative and has a Q&A with the founder, Tom Stearns.  I enjoyed it.  You can read it HERE.  

Next order of business is getting my onion & shallot sets!  (Even if there's still too much snow in my garden and the ground is frozen because it's 20F out there!)

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