Friday, January 3, 2014

31 Things in 31 Days - My New Year's Work Boost!

With this icy, snowy weather we're having at the start of the New Year, it's too easy for me to justify sitting by the fire with a cup of tea and just working my way through my daily work checklist.  I know there is more I could do, and I  know that how I start my year sets the tone for the rest…and with 2 snow days to kick off 2014, I've had time to come up with a revised plan.

Enter a work/productivity booster.  31 Things in 31 Days.  It's not a new or original idea. Trulia is running a challenge/sweepstake on the same subject.  I've used a similar list for things like housework and cooking (and once for exercise, which didn't work out - haha!) but I hadn't formally applied it to to real estate until today.  I read a few different real estate websites to find ideas for new things to supplement my checklist & calendar.  There are so many articles, blogs and websites offering ideas.  Just doing the research inspired me!

There are a lot of great things you can add to your January 31 Things List to help start the year strong.  My list covers several real estate-related categories that I already work on, but is broken down into very specific tasks in these categories: communication, social media, education, follow-up, writing, growth and networking. Everyone's list will be different based on their own business plan or style or even experience.  Once I got the ideas flowing, I actually came up with MORE than 31 ideas to add to my list!  (What about taking a day off?  Yes, I've got that covered.  I am hoping for a whopping 3 days off this month, and I've scheduled those days' tasks on other days, in order to keep the 31 as a total.)  Some  tasks will take longer than others, but it's a kick-ass list, and it's all about accountability.  Accountability in real estate is a big deal to me.  I'm really excited about it!  It may very well lead to a "28 Things in 28 Days for February!"


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