Tuesday, September 17, 2013

...and My BIG Month Continues!!!

September started right HERE!
It turns out, September continues to be a BIG month for me.  For a few reasons:

My blog, even though I had to change the name (remember when I had to do that here) had an anniversary this weekend and I'm now in my 6th year!  6 years!  I'm pretty sure that calls for cheesecake.

Work is busy with several new clients and the return of a few old ones!  I was in direct competition with several other Realtors for a listing (the seller admitted interviewing several agents, and even called me back for a 2nd interview) and got the listing.  I also picked up new buyers who based their decision to work with me from their impression of me on this blog!

On the home front, my oldest child reaches double digits this month.  While that wasn't a surprise, becoming the host family to a 16 yr old Romanian exchange student was!  We had been asked to host him for 2 weeks at the beginning of school, and we were already completely attached to him when we were asked if we could continue to host him through Thanksgiving.  It was a sense of relief that we weren't going to have to send him off to someone else.  It's amazing how quickly someone can feel like family.  Being parents of a teenager is new territory for us.  Luckily this boy is so well mannered.  We're half-considering sending our kids to his parents to Romania in the hopes they would work their magic on these 2 monkeys :)

Just kidding.  They're angelic, really.

My company's transition to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services New England Properties happens next week.  The excitement is palpable.  It's SUCH a different vibe than when we went from The Beazley Company (I loved that company - all of us did) to Prudential CT Realty. That time it was just sprung on us with no time to process it.  We were expected to celebrate it on the spot at this huge meeting, but really our heads were spinning and we had a million questions.  This transition is being handled so well  (kudos & thanks to our company's leadership teams!)

Now here's the thing about this month.  I am constantly in a state of feeling grateful.  For all of it.  For a really successful real estate year.  For having been able to take the entire summer and spend it having such an amazing adventure with my family.  (I'm still on a high from that trip!  I'll have to share some of the highlights with you.) For standing on the sidelines of the soccer field at 9am on a chilly Saturday morning and cheering on my goofy kid who is dancing on the field (and making all the parents chuckle) after his 4th goal.  For clients who text me photos of their ratty furniture being torched in the backyard.  For amazing real estate co-workers who know what they're doing and who step up to help each other.  For walking around apple orchards.  For sharing in one of the most intimate and beautiful weddings (congrats David & Lisa) I've ever experienced. For amazing friends and family and teachers and Greek food.  For opening our hearts & home to a 16 year old stranger from so far away.  For all of you.  You may not be big commenters, but I know you're there, week after week, because I see the web traffic numbers.  I'm grateful for you.  Cheers to September!

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