Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Time for Farmer's Markets!!!

I'm a HUGE fan of shopping Farmer's Markets during the season for all of the things that I don't grow in my garden, and for some of the special things like freshly baked breads and artisanal cheeses.  Like you, I have favorites markets to visit, but I'm always open to trying out new ones.

This is a short video I really liked called How To Shop at a Farmer's Market and it was filmed here in CT at the Westport Farmer's Market.  Check out how creative their produce signs are!

How do you find the farmer's markets?  The State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture's 2013 brochure lists this year's "certified" Farmer's Markets, but there are many more that pop up without being on the list, as well as several special market events, like one of my favorites in the entire state, part of Old Lyme's Midsummer Festival, the Market En Plein Air.  (This year's festival is July 26 & 27.)

I've blogged about Farmer's Markets previously in the posts Good News for Alternative Energy in CT & Farmer's Markets, CT Farmer's Markets Opening, and GREEN Summer Finds - I don't want to rehash what I've said before, but just remind you that the markets are open or opening soon!  I'm so excited!

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