Sunday, April 28, 2013

National Public Gardens Day 2013

Mark your calendars - May 10th is National Public Gardens Day!  It's the Friday before Mother's Day, and it's a chance to visit North American public gardens free of admission.  If you go to the website you can download & print a voucher for free admission.  I remember as a teenager, going to a public rose garden with my mom for Mother's Day.  Somewhere there are photos of us posing among the flowers, drunk on warm sunshine after a cold Spring.

I love a good botanical garden, and the munchkins love them too.  We've made a point of seeking them out on every trip, from Seattle & Vancouver, up & down the Eastern seaboard, to New Orleans to Italy, especially enjoying the children's activities like the flora & fauna scavenger hunt in North Carolina pictured here:

We also enjoy a good arboretum, like the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington DC that we visited in 2012! 

Not sure where the nearest public gardens are to you?  Better Homes & Gardens has this very useful Public Garden Locator with links to the gardens so you'll know hours, what's blooming now, etc.!  

I didn't realize that we have 3 universities in CT with gardens or an arboretum - we'll pick one of those for the 10th and head over there right after school.  Have a quick peek at the list - you might just discover a new favorite public garden to visit!

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