Thursday, February 7, 2013

The GREEN CT Realtor is Driving...

a Toyota Prius 4.... a 2010 previously leased car with solar panels on the roof!  We're changing our name to the Solar Minnicks :)

After all is said & done, we're pretty comfortable in our decision, and we've owned 3 other Toyota cars that were very good to us.

This is our commuter car (hubby will drive it mostly) and we're expecting it to get about twice as many miles per gallon as the car it's replacing.  Not too shabby.  It may not be the electric car, but still a step in the right direction.  Special thanks to our friend Alex who helped us with questions and had so much helpful advice.

So if you see a red Prius driving around town, give a wave!

Quick side note to all of my friends & family in the northeast - wishing everyone a safe weekend during the blizzard conditions we're expecting!  We've been notified by our power company to prepare for power outages, so I wanted to share the lessons I learned from our Hurricane Irene experience once again - best to be prepared!

Good luck, everyone!

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Carl Guild said...

Love the Color Red! Nice choice!