Thursday, February 9, 2012

All I Want for Valentine's Day is a Rain Barrel!

Once again my very GREEN local library is offering a sweet deal on helping us be a little GREENER too!  This is part of the 2012 Backyard Composting Campaign by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association.   I'm going to share the details with you as I sip this yummy, spicy organic fair trade hot cocoa from Trader Joe's.  It's super spicy, just so you know, just the way those crazy Aztecs & Mayans (thanks for making us freak out that the world is ending this year) drank. 

I already have (AND LOVE!) the Earth Machine Compost Bin and they're offering it at only $52 ($100 retail value.)  Along side that there's the compost turner for $20.  I use an old pitch fork for turning my compost and I feel so old-school cool doing it, I have to admit, and it's pretty hard work.  (In my head, Martha Stewart uses an old pitch fork too.)  This tool, however, may actually work better, and I probably wouldn't have to worry about getting a tetanus booster if I dropped it on my foot or something.  Maybe I should try it out sometime...

Here's my composter in my garden (and yes, there is a mailbox in my garden.)  It's kind of handy for small garden tools and it's whimsical.  Yes, as in full of whimsy (classic line from the Bloggess!)  I see the flag is up - maybe we have mail from a garden gnome?  That traveling gnome does love to send postcards.

They are also offering the Systern Rain Barrel for $67 ($120 retail value.)  Hubby & I both want at least one of these.  I imagine it will be perfect for watering the little orchard planned behind the garage... and hey, what's not romantic about being GREEN?

Oh, and I envision my little orchard (it'll only be up to 9 trees max) will one day look like this:

...even though by then my son will probably be closer to 6 ft tall.  All the easier for him to pick the apples (& pears & peaches & plums & cherries,) right!  

They're taking pre-orders at the East Hampton Public Library until April 2nd, and then the orders will be available at the Dept of Public Works here in town the week of April 16th - just in time for Earth Day!

The details are here.  While our local library sells them at a very small profit, that money covers sales tax and the remainder (around $100 each of the past years) is dedicated to purchasing eco-themed books for the library, which is great because I READ THOSE BOOKS!  Win-win everybody!

So thanks, East Hampton Public Library, for offering another helpful service to our community!  I'm a fan of your blog too, by the way :)

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Mama Gone Green said...

Ooh! I hope you get one. We just recently put in a rainbarrel.. but Portland gets so much rain that it overflowed after our first big storm.. now we need to figure out a backup!