Friday, January 27, 2012

The Return of the Garden in Real Estate

A few months ago, as I was analyzing & reflecting on my past year's real estate business, I saw a trend I hadn't identified earlier.  Perhaps it's been there for some time, or perhaps it's because I've been working with similarly-minded people, but the importance of a garden or the space for a garden was a common theme among my clients.

In our fast-paced (and let's face it, pesticide & gmo-filled) society, the home garden, le potager as the French call it, has been making a strong comeback.

This is a French friend's own potager in the Bretagne region of France.  It is so neatly organized I think he would faint at the sight of my overgrown garden! (Yes, those are hot air balloons in the background.)

It doesn't have to be the sprawling gardens of yesteryear, but the desire to grow our own food is strong, and for my clients it appeared to be a definite check in the pros columns when looking at homes.

Cheers to a greener world!

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