Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Blog Turns 3 Today!

Looking back 3 years ago, I never would have guessed that I would have readers from around the globe, or what an amazing experience this would be.  I've connected with other bloggers out there and made friends & connections I never would have otherwise.  The other main benefit is that it's been a constant reminder to live GREEN, to keep reading up on related topics, to research and seek out information.  I've found really informative websites, all kinds of vendors, and talked to so many people who are GREEN in their own ways and inspire me to keep it up.

Funniest or most unexpected things on the blog?  This photo of tennis star Monica Seles helping me promote my real estate listing at Knowles Landing is THE most widely downloaded photo!  I get heaps of international visitors looking at it!

Then there was the surprise of the author of a book I discussed on my blog actually visiting my blog and writing to me about it!  Thanks, Wendy Brown!  I was kind of awed by that.

The other crazy-cool thing was being written about in Photon Magazine!  Why this photo of me reading the magazine in bed is still being downloaded around the world is a bit of mystery to me!

So how am I celebrating today?  Well, most special occasions (and Tuesdays of course!) call for some bubbly and something that looks very much like chocolate cake in my opinion.  I'm still hoping for both (someone message my hubby and let him think it was his idea, ok?!) but I'm also going to plant some bulbs and then tonight dinner at It's Only Natural in Middletown with my afore-mentioned main squeeze.  ION was his idea - vegetarian in honor of my blog - très apropos, n'est pas?

What better way to mark the occasion than by planting bulbs for Spring color!  One of my absolute favorite places to shop is CT's own White Flower Farm in Litchfield.  Have a glance at these beauties.

I adore tulips, especially any multi-colored, double, or parrot varieties.  The ones above are divine, aren't they?  (The blue flowers in the lower photo are muscari, or grape hyacinths.  Love them as well - but they're tiny and it takes a lot of them to make a statement!)  The thing to remember with tulips though is that they really only bloom for 1-2 seasons and then nothing except for a few bits of foliage.  Despite this, they remain one of my favorites, and every 2 years I plant more.  Here is my front walkway 2 Springs ago when I was on a purple kick.  What you don't see on the other side of the walkway are the 100 crocus bulbs I planted years ago that continue to be the first signs of Spring in my yard.

While I don't have beds of daffodils on this grand of a scale, I still enjoy the groupings I have spread throughout my own gardens.

By the way, though I'm not doing it today, it's also time to get some garlic to put in the ground for next summer's harvest.  I saved some from this year's harvest to replant for next year - now to just get my garden in some type of order so I can find a good spot for it.

This is a good time to plant some cool weather crops that don't need long to mature (like lettuces, radish, greens.)  I went the entire summer without buying any produce from the grocery store (with the exception of carrots - I can't seem to grow enough carrots!) and now it's time to frequent the farmer's markets up until they close for the season.  I'm telling you I put off the grocery store for as long as I possibly can!

In addition, planting a tree today would be awesome!  Making it an annual event to coincide with the blog anniversary - what a cool idea, right?  Hmmm....maybe today's the day to plant the first of the fruit trees in the future orchard!

It's a great day.  I'm feeling really grateful for the friends, for the comments people leave here and on Facebook, and for the many times that my posts here are shared and circumnavigate the globe.  I'd like to thank the talented bloggers who've shared guest posts here: KJ from Let's Go Fly A Kite, Taryn from Mama Gone Green, and Steve from Compostings.  KJ's post continues to be THE most searched of all the posts on my blog - do you remember the Earth Day wreath project she made?  It was genius.

Where do we go from here?  There is so much to do, and after the eye-opening experience of the hurricane/power outage and how dependent our lifestyle is on electricity, I have a much greater appreciaton for the need for alternative energies.  Not that I'm going to solve the energy crisis.  After all, I'm just a little blog, helping in some small way to make us just a little bit GREENER.  

Peace my friends.  Thanks for reading every week.  

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KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Happpy Birthday to you!!! It is such a total and entire coincidence that we connected. I will never forget chatting via facebook during Hurricane Bill.