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What About That Cork?

Yes, the GREEN CT Realtor was MIA....but it was more SIB (sick in bed - blech!) than anything else.  5 weeks of being sick with a virus and pneumonia as the grand finale really kicked my green booty.  Add to that the reactions I had to the antibiotics followed by the reactions I had to the meds to take care of the reactions and I was a sorry lot.

Before I got sick I was getting ready to write about recycling and uses for cork.  It seemed as though the universe had been sending me messages about cork.'s a strange message, but when the universe speaks...well...the GREEN CT Realtor listens.  (Looking back now, it just might have been the fever talking.)

It just so happens that we drink a lot of wine, so as it would be we tend to amass quantities of corks.  For many years we labeled & saved them because I'd seen this gorgeous board made of arranged corks and the DIYer in me wanted to replicate it.  Needless to say, babies came along and my arts & crafts aspirations were cast aside...which leaves me with a whole lot of cork :)

What were those messages from the universe, you ask?  3 signs:

The bowl soliciting used corks at the checkout and the amazing display windows at Anthropologie (my favorite store!)  They didn't look exactly like this, but Anthropologie, in celebration of Earth Day, put up window displays in 153 of their stores with the help of the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance.

Another was a gorgeous custom work of art in the form of a sunflower crafted from used corks by the very talented Stefanie Marco of KiNDSPiN Design in West Hartford, CT.

Photo Credit: Stefanie Marco KiNDSPin Design
It reminds me of sunny days in Tuscany and that makes me nostalgic (and maybe a little weepy and achy to go back.)  I'll bet it's even more amazing in person.  By the way, I saw the photo of the new owners holding their piece and it's HUGE!  Stefanie says you can send her your collection of corks and she'll make a custom piece for you too!  You can check out photos of Stefanie's other works of art on her Facebook album, through the link above, or in person at Celebrate West Hartford the weekend of June 11th-12th.  If you've never been, it's a great festival with really talented artisans, a carnival, live bands, food booths from all the fantastic West Hartford restaurants.  We never miss it!

The last sign was through Whole Foods where I had seen or read that you can drop off your used corks to be recycled through CorkReHarvest.  How many times had I walked by that and not seen it?  I wanted to find out more so I looked it up when I got home.

I don't want to repeat everything that does, so here's the link to the Whole Foods blog post that explains why they're involved.  If you're interested in the details, it's worth a click to check it out.

As a general rule, I don't like throwing anything in the trash if I know it can go somewhere else other than a landfill.  I hadn't thought that much about cork before, so thanks, universe, for pointing that out to me!


I hope you have fully recovered! those Anthro cork windows were amazing, they were auctioned off in Toronto!

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