Thursday, March 17, 2011

Earth Hour - Coming To You Soon!

As recently as 2 years ago, I was completely in the dark when it came to Earth Hour.  (You like that, completely in the dark?  You'll get the joke a little later if you don't already know about Earth Hour!)

It was my Canadian friends who clued me in to the concept of turning off the lights, turning off the TV, turning off everything for an hour as part of a global campaign on climate change.  Earth Hour started in Australia in 2007 and by 2010 there were 128 countries participating!  I believe it has evolved to be about more than climate change and has grown to encompass a GREEN/sustainability movement.  Even if it's just for an hour - it's a pretty powerful thing.

Here's the official video for Earth Hour 2011 if you haven't seen it yet.  I liked the one they did last year a lot too - but I thought perhaps 2 videos was a bit much!

The website, which is really quite cool, has added a platform for people to pledge what they plan to do beyond that hour (they're referring to it as 60+, or "Beyond the Hour.")  I couldn't really get that part of the website to work well for me - I'm sure they mean well though :)  It's about what actions people will apply to be GREENER.  They have a nice link in my sidebar if you hadn't noticed!  

So, guess who will be sitting in the dark (or maybe if it's nice outside sitting on the terrace watching stars) on Saturday March 26th from 8:30-9:30pm?  Maybe I'll host a little neighborhood soirée with organic wine & candles!  Hope you'll be enjoying the darkness too!  Happy St. Paddy's Day my GREEN friends!!

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