Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

Ahhh.....Holiday Hiatus Over!  As much as I love the holidays, I have to admit it's kind of nice to get back to a regular routine.  Not that this week has been anything close to normal yet - beginning of the year in real estate (and probably with many of your jobs) is super busy.  Add to that the amazing little rental listing I put on the market that has my phone and email going crazy with renters, and it's been non-stop.  Seriously, I had 15 calls the first 2 days, and I've had a steady stream of them since.  I think we need more quality rentals in my area!  Somebody jump on that, ok?  I've got a list of renters all looking if anyone is thinking of putting a rental on the market!  Or if you're thinking of buying an investment property to rent me and we'll get cracking!

Did anyone else in town catch that we're getting a furniture consignment shop in the village center?  That's very GREEN!  I love it!  I don't know who is opening it, but I wish them the best, and I promise to come in and browse and will very likely bring in some items to consign.  You already know that I'm a fan of repurposing furniture as opposed to destroying it.  (I'm always in awe of my friends who show me a gorgeous piece of furniture they picked up for $15 and refinished or fixed up with new paint & upholstery!)  By the way, although I've yet to make the trip to Cromwell to visit the new Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I hear from a friend who volunteers there that the store is hopping!  I'm so happy to hear that.  They may still be looking for volunteers to help in the store, so feel free to contact them if you're looking for local volunteer opportunities.  Here are some photos from their website for new arrivals - looks like a nice selection!

Has anyone else been down to Stamford's United House Wrecking?  I can't begin to tell you how wonderful this place is - you have to go for yourselves!  Just browse the fireplace mantels and tell me which one would look best in my family room...

I recently visited the furniture consignment store in West Hartford (near Main St. Pizza and that excellent Indian restaurant.)  In my humble opinion, it was overpriced but they did have some whimsical pieces that made me smile.  I'm a fan of stores like that, and I miss the wonderful antiques stores we used to have here in the village center.  It was just a year ago that I wrote about supporting local businesses, using the 3/50 Project.  I like the Small Business Saturday idea too.  I appreciate the local movement and I support my local businesses as much as I can.  I hope you can too :)

Have a Happy & GREEN New Year!

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KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Welcome Back!! and Happy New Year to you too!!! may it be blessed and green!