Wednesday, January 19, 2011

52% Growth Rate in Environment-Related Careers

While out for some family fun the other day, hubby & I struck up a conversation about vacation week camps for the kids.  It seems obvious that we'd send the children to French camp (like we did with Julien when he was 5) or fencing camp (on the short list for this summer) but we love the idea of science-themed camps as well.  Apparently there are other science choices these days besides space camp (which I'm pretty sure we can't afford) or robotics.  Hubby said he thinks GREEN jobs are the "wave of the future" - that sounds so dated!  It got me thinking though.

This article I found on was pretty interesting.  It's called Green My Major and lists the "hottest environmentally-friendly majors" as:

Environmental Design/Architecture
Eco-Fashion Design
Green Food Science
Marine Biology
Urban Planning

Those all sound pretty interesting, don't you think?

The statistic that jumped out at me immediately was one produced by USA Today and cited in the article - environmental-related careers will grow at a rate of 52% between the years of 2000-2016.  To meet this demand, American colleges & universities have created 100 or so new environment-related majors, minors & concentrations.  The average growth rate in other fields was 14%.  Hmmm....while my little ones won't be in the adult work force by 2016...this still seems significant.  As both of my kids have announced they'd like to be scientists (although from time to time they stray to police detectives, spies, plumbers, and a cocktail waitress)  considering environmental, energy-related or GREEN work should not be overlooked.

(My little scientists enjoying the DaVinci exhibit in Rome this past summer.)

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Mama Gone Green said...

Good for me since I teach enviro science!!