Thursday, November 11, 2010

ReStore Comes to Middlesex!

I really wanted to smush two topics into one short post today: GREEN beers and the's just that they're both timely and so very important (that's me being cheeky.)

Alas, I recognized that GREEN beer deserves it's very own post, and next week is just as timely as today would be.  I'll tell you why next week in a special post :)  Exciting things happening around here! (Well, exciting for me.)

Have you heard of Habitat for Humanity ReStores?  We're getting one in Cromwell - to be opening soon, as in this month.  You can donate materials from your building/remodeling projects...for instance a friend is remodeling a perfectly good bathroom just because she doesn't love the color...she could donate her cabinets or fixtures.  How it works is you call or send an email to or call 860.343.9179 and they set a date to pick up your items if they can use them.  Those items are sold in the store, and reused (very GREEN!) and proceeds are used to build more affordable homes in Middlesex County!  For more information, go to  I've always wanted to visit those stores and I'm excited that we'll have one nearby.

What would a post be without a quick update on my solar life?  The same day I posted last week, CL&P showed up with the new meter, installed it in a flash, then the activation order came in a few hours later.  We fired up the system to great fanfare (and someone celebrated with a vodka tonic) and it has been live for almost a week now.

In only 52 hrs of the system running (it turns off at night so not to draw electricity it needs to run) we have generated 117 kWh (kilowatt hours) and have saved 198 lbs of CO2.  With the sun we have today I expect we'll hit the 200 lbs mark by lunchtime!  Not surprisingly, hubby and I can both be found running to the scary basement to read the inverter & meter at least once a day!  I just ran outside to look at the new two-way meter and I see that we're currently sending solar energy out to the street!  How cool is that?  Wondering how long until that novelty wears off :)

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Mama Gone Green said...

Yay! We have a restore in Portland, but a store that I love even more... The Rebuilding Center. I take my students on a field trip there every time I teach the intro enviro class. Such a great way to remove waste from the landfill!