Thursday, November 18, 2010

My GREEN Ireland

Guess who went to Dublin for a long weekend?  Oui, c'est moi!  (We're just crazy like that!)  As usual, I tried to be a GREEN traveler & observer along the way :)

The first GREEN aspect of the trip was that all 6 of us squeezed into one car, luggage and all, to carpool to the airport.  We nicknamed it the GREEN MACHINE.

There were some pretty cool and different (for me) environmentally-friendly things in Dublin that caught my eye.  Like these cool solar compactor trash cans.  This one sits outside the entrance to the Book of Kells Exhibit at Trinity College.

Another day while walking near the campus we came upon this display in a window which we all thought was fabulous.

It's a flower grenade!  Ha ha!  It was part of this really cool cafe/shop/science exhibit which was closed while we were walking by and unfortunately we didn't manage to make it back for the time when it would be open.

We also saw lots of opportunities to buy and eat locally grown vegetables and meats, even stumbling upon a local outdoor market that spread out over 3 streets with 3 different themes: local handcrafts, local foods (including locally made baked goods, cheeses, meats) and locally grown produce.  We tried some of the local goodies and 2 friends picked up some knit goods.

The best part of our trip though was the day we spent in the country, which is just as GREEN as you would imagine, even in November.  


Mama Gone Green said...

How fun! I went to Ireland about 5 years ago and had a lovely (rainy) time.

Mama Gone Green said...

Yes! Of course I will share my post on your blog. Thanks!