Thursday, September 9, 2010

Solar Panel Update!

Since this is not an organic wine blog, I'll be brief about the wine I tried last week.  I like some whites, but I have to say I REALLY enjoyed the Bonterra Viognier.  So far that's 2 out of 3 bottles I'd buy again!
I haven't mentioned our solar panel project in a while, so here's the update.  We've been approved and our install date is in October!   Seems like it kept getting pushed farther and farther out, but there it is.  Scott has some support work to do on the older part of the roof so it will withstand the weight.  Since he'll be doing work in the attic we've decided to purge the attic (yet again) and host a tag sale which, when combined with the contents of the garage (we'll be tearing it down next Spring to make way for one which will be less critter-infested and might actually fit our cars,) and the goodies in the basement, should be quite the interesting assortment.  

Connecticut Light & Power, our electric company has already sent us the emails regarding whether or not we'll require a separate transformer, etc.  I just can't wait to start generating!

My 4 year old just asked, "What have we done that's environmentally-friendly this week?"  Let's see: walk to school, ride bikes to school, carpool, compost, recycle, eat all organic veggies, harvested fruit at a local orchard, Mommy drank organic wine, plus the ususal stuff - overall a pretty GREEN week.

I'd write more but I'm knee-deep in real estate negotiations, planning to put 4 more houses on the market by the end of the month, and preparing for 6 appointments tomorrow. 

Keep it GREEN my friends!

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