Thursday, September 23, 2010

GREEN Events...Coming Up!

Hola Greenie Friends!  Happy 1st day of Autumn!

Anyone else get the invite to "Out of this World 2010 the green gala" at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford?  The details: Saturday, Oct. 16th from 7-11pm ages 21 and over.  It's an eco-chic evening with food, celebrating the mission of the science center and the first CT gala powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, plus THE GREENIES, awards for various Green fashion statements.  Love it.  There are also various auctions for some very chic prizes like trips - you know how I love to travel!  Sounds like fun, eh?  Tickets are $150 pp.  Click here for more info.

Another eco-event coming up even sooner is the National Solar Tour.  In Connecticut, the event is Saturday Oct. 2nd from 10-4.  This is the open house of homes running on solar power  - there are 21 sites throughout the state open that day with representatives or site owners there to discuss the types of installations, systems, and technologies used.  It's a free event!  Here are some of my favorites:

This is the net zero energy home in Killingworth, part of the tour.  I think I'll have to make a trek out there!  The tour is the same day Scott will be putting up the sister joists to support our roof for the upcoming installation of our solar panels...I wonder if I can tear him away to visit a few homes?

Another house on the tour - this one in New Hartford, where I was last weekend.

For the full list of tour sites, visit the Connecticut Solar Tour '10 page.  There is also a link on that page for National Solar Tour of the Northeastern United States.

I found out about the solar energy tour from Sunlight Solar Energy's Fall Newsletter.  It's a great source of information, and there's even a trivia contest that I may spend some time trying to figure out - the prize is a $150 gift card to Patagonia.  As I posted on Facebook earlier this week, it's where I learned that the CT Solar Lease Program has just announced that it has funds left for 100 more leases.  So if you didn't get your application in back in February, here's your chance!  There is also information there about rebate programs for solar thermal (aka ST) and photovoltaic (aka PV) projects.  Um hum...we're learning the lingo folks!

Hope you have time to get out and enjoy this gorgeous first day of Autumn!  We're taking a walk later and heading to the park, but first I have to go dump this bowl of kitchen scraps and coffee grounds in my composter!

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