Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in the US with Organic Wine on my Mind

Let me begin with a thanks to all my readers, coworkers, friends & family for helping us get through a very difficult and scary medical ordeal with my dad.  This week I'm finally back to work, and thrilled to be here.  I'm sorry to announce my new iMac isn't here as the hard drive is somehow toasted and it is being repaired at the Apple Store.

I'm a bit of a planner.  That's an understatement.  I'm a huge planner and it only got worse when I had kids.  It applies to most areas of my life.  While I wish I were more of a neat freak, I'm more of a planner and goal-setter.  It is what it is.  So I'm looking at my upcoming Fall quarter, and while I have work goals, family goals, travel plans (hello, we're going to Ireland!) I also have GREEN goals.  (Does anyone else make quarterly GREEN goals?)

Somewhere on the Internet I caught a line that struck a chord.  It said something like, if you're eating organic, why aren't you drinking organic wines too?  I've thought about organic wines, and I've tried a few, but I've never really focused on them.  That's about to change.

I'm trying a new organic wine per week, which means it shouldn't take me long to get through the organic wine rack at my favorite Package Store!  (Looks like I may be branching out - I'm open to suggestions as to where you like to buy your wine!)  To start things out with a bang I'm trying two bottles - call it a wine tasting!  After all, I do love a wine tasting.  Tonight's bottles include a Californian Sterling Vineyards Mendocino Cabernet Sauvignon 2007.  The label says it holds flavors of juicy blackberry, currant and plum, with hints of espresso and toffee.  It sounds fabulous, right?

The second bottle is a De Martino Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 from Maipo Valley, Chile.  I was VERY interested to read that De Martino is one of the few carbon neutral wineries in the world.  I also read that  Wine Advocate had rated it an 88, but I don't necessarily agree with the numbers others give to wine. 

Both bottles contain sulfites.  I would have preferred no sulfites for my first bottles in this introduction, but that's ok.  Both are made with organic grapes, and grapes are pretty high up there on the pesticide list, so at least I'm getting GREENER that way.  By the way, the 2 bottles together ran me $35.

Next post I'll put up some pics and a quick note on biodynamic wines.  I can't even pretend to know anything about that yet.  Call me a girl interested in expanding my horizons (as well as my garden!)

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